Why Canari?

Our Mission

It's all about the ride, all about the fun. We take the ride, the fun, and our products seriously. Canari Cyclewear wants everyone to Go Ride, Have Fun, and Look Good!

Go Ride

Canari's employees ride. We ride road bikes, mountain bikes, tri bikes, downhill bikes, beach cruisers, cyclocross bikes, fixed gears, hybrids, tandems, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, steel, you name it! When we ride we kit up in Canari Cyclewear. We like our bikes, but we love our clothing. You will too!

Go Ride Canari

Have Fun

Some people race, some ride for charity events, some ride to work, some just ride down to the coffee shop. Why? Because it's fun. Simple. We all ride bikes for different reasons, but every one of those reasons should result in you having a good time. Canari Cyclewear is keenly aware of this and wants to share in that joy with you!

Look Good

Lycra, spandex, polyester... not what you normally wear every day. But when you do, Canari Cyclewear believes you should look your best. We create cycling garments to fit all shapes and sizes, all while keeping in mind performance, comfort, and ultimately appearance. Cycling should look as good as it is fun!

Quality Fabrics that look good

Made in the USA

Since 1979 Canari has been producing cycling garments in Southern California designed to help you Go Ride, Have Fun, and Look Good. We don't plan on stopping any time soon!