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When designing a semi-custom jersey, do the white areas need to remain white?

No. The only fixed element when creating a semi-custom design is the actual design pattern. Colors can be changed as desired and logos can be placed as pleased.

Will I see a sample of my custom design before I receive it?

Yes. You will receive a mini-marker, which is your approved proof transferred onto the fabric types that the production items will be made out of. This will be sent to you shortly after the order is finalized. This procedure is the final approval step for color correctness. *This is not a finalized sewn garment.

What format do I need to submit my artwork?

Vector graphics in .EPS or .AI format are preferred. If you are using an image such as a PNG or TIFF it must be high resolution (300+ dpi). JPEG graphics have a loss of quality and as such often print very poorly and are not recommended. If graphics cannot be obtained inquire about utilizing our design team to create unique art for your needs.

I have graphic art skills; do you provide templates for me to do the designing?

Yes. You can download our templates HERE. Keep in mind, no matter how perfectly your art is submitted we still have to pass it through our design department to QC elements that are internal to our system.

Do you charge for designing artwork?

We offer 3 hours of free art assistance with one of our talented in-house artists. Normal jobs will have no associated art fees. In an extreme circumstance we might assess an art fee if a design requires uncommon attention by our artists to complete; however this will be discussed with you prior to occurrence. Logo generation will also be subject to fees if above and beyond in their creation time.

I am not sure what I want; can you help me with my order and jersey design?

By all means we can help you with that, please contact the custom department and they will be sure to steer you in the right direction while designing your kit.

What is the difference between Semi and Full-custom?

Semi-custom provides your team or shop with the opportunity to choose from one of our existing template designs. There is no difference in the production between Full and Semi-custom, it is simply that the design elements in Semi-custom are not able to be modified, whereas a Full-custom design allows you to indulge your wildest imagination! If you are interested in seeing our most current Semi-custom options, please Contact Us.

How should I wash my custom clothing?

Wash all custom cycling clothing in cold water and line dry. Do not iron or use the dryer. Use color-safe non-chlorine bleach for dirt and mud stains, and spot clean gently to avoid snagging fabric.

What does the Vpro upgrade option include?

Compressive lycra sleeves, LiteTech side panels, v-split collar, triple back stuff pockets plus a fourth zippered media pocket, media cord guides at pocket and neck line, flatlock raglan sleeves, and Full Hidden Zipper.

What does the Gravity upgrade option include?

Upgraded compression fabric and upgraded King/Queen or Monarch pad. The most printable space available on any custom bottom. Gripper-less compression leg cuffs or XRT Bands offer 360° graphical design options.

A lot of companies have hidden charges that are not displayed in pricing quotes, what am I not seeing in your quotes?

There are no hidden charges. The only charge that is not included with your custom quote is the shipping cost. Please see the following question to clarify upcharges, upgrades and possible art fees.

Do you charge setup fees for artwork?

We offer 3 hours of free art assistance with one of our talented in-house artists. Normal jobs will have no associated art fees. In an extreme circumstance we might assess an art fee if a design requires uncommon attention by our artists to complete; however this will be discussed with you prior to occurrence. Logo generation will also be subject to fees if above and beyond in their creation time.

What is the minimum order quantity needed to place an order?

6 identical pieces is the minimum to place a custom order. You may, however, order a mix of sizes. Orders that do not reach a 6-piece minimum are subject to an upcharge, please Contact a customer service rep for more details.

Am I able to order both men's and women's sizing to reach the minimum?

Unfortunately no, in order to reach the minimum order of 6 pieces, the items must be the same style, pattern, and gender.

If I order 6 or more jerseys am I able to order just 1 jacket?

No, these two items fall into unique categories. Each category has a unique set of rules regarding minimums, please refer to the pricelist for more details.

What are the minimums on reorders?

Reorders also require a 6-piece minimum, however, if you do not reach the minimum the upcharge is only 20% of the original price.

Why is there a price difference between Semi and Full-custom and why is Semi-custom less expensive?

Semi-custom garments have pre-made art from proofs to production files. The printing and production process is exactly the same as Full-custom, but the time intensive and expensive process of art proofing and creation is effectively done. Provide your logos, colors choices and a little direction about how to apply them and you are good to go.

What is the difference between Club Fit, Euro Fit and Vpro Fit?

Club Fit is a more relaxed fit. A Club Fit jersey provides approximately 1 size greater in body circumference versus our Euro-Fit.

Euro Fit (AKA Team Fit) is a snugger, tighter, more tapered fit.

Vpro (AKA Race Fit) takes the Euro jersey fit a little farther offering a next to skit fit.

Please see custom size chart (available in catalog) for exact measurement differences.

Am I able to receive a fit kit or sizing kit?

Yes. Prior to placing your custom order, you may order a fit kit to ensure correct sizing. Once the fit kit is returned, the fit kit order amount will be refunded back to you. Please be sure to follow the instruction sheet included with the fit kit shipment for return instructions.

Does Canari offer an online Store to allow group ordering?

Yes. We offer groups of all sizes the ability to set up an online Store. We will help you set up an online Store which will allow your team member to place and pay for their individual orders. Contact (include link) a Canari Custom customer service representative for more details.

What is the deposit fee to get the order started once I have my art and order finished?

A 50% deposit is required to begin order production. The balance of the order is due when your order is complete and ready to ship. The balance must be paid before your order can ship. No exceptions!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit cards are preferred, although we do accept checks and money orders. With checks and money orders, there may be a slight delay as we cannot begin or release work until the check is received in house.

How can I monitor my order status?

Please call during business hours and speak with a Canari Custom customer service representative.

Can I get my kit faster than 6 weeks?

Depending on the time of year we often ship orders faster than 6 weeks, but if you need this to be guaranteed, feel free to call or email to request rush availability and we will give available shipping dates as well as associated charges to hit said dates.

What if I need to add items to my order that has already been placed?

Please let your salesperson know as soon as you can, as this is sometimes possible. They can add the items in if the order has not yet been processed or place an add-on order for the extra items.

When does the 6-week timeline start with my custom order?

The 6-week turnaround time will start once we have approved artwork, a completed order form and a paid deposit of 50%.

Can items be combined to meet the minimums?

No. Minimums are based on a single style in a given category. We do, however, combine LIKE items to reach discount levels. The pricelist describes the unique rules applied to each category.